Preparation for the National Certificate of Attainment in Greek

Intensive courses

The programs are monthly, lasting 100 hours and take place in the following periods:

  • October 15th – November 14th

  • November 15th – December 14th

  • January 15th – February 14th

  • February 15th – March 14th

  • March 15th – April 14th

  • April 15th – May 14th

  • May 15th – June 14th

From July 1st to August 31st the Summer School of Greek Language operates.

The participation cost is as follows:

Individual course:                   14€/hour
Group of 2-4 persons             10€/hour
Group of 5 or more persons   5€/hour

Application / Registration


The Greek language courses take place at the following levels:

  • A1 – Elementary Knowledge

  • A2 – Basic Knowledge

  • B1 – Fair Knowledge

  • B2 – Good Knowledge

  • C1 – Very Good Knowledge

  • C2 – Excellent Knowledge

Classification in levels takes place at the start of the program with a written and oral examination in Greek language.

The courses take place in small groups of 7 to 14 people (after Student Assessment). With less than 7 people groups will not be created.

Cost of participation and benefits

The participation fee for groups of 10 people or more is 2,5 € per teaching hour per person. If a group consists of less than 10 people, the fee per teaching hour increases proportionally to the reduction in the number of people participating in the group. Thus, depending on the number, the language level and the needs of learners specialized seminars are formed as follows:

  • Individual teaching, in which the courses are one or more times a week

  • Group instruction in small groups, in which the courses are after agreement of the participants.

The participation fee is finalized after discussion with the participants.

The cost does not include the teaching material to be used for teaching.

For more information contact ELPPO at +30-2613-019948.

Certificate of Attainment in Greek

The language teaching in intensive monthly programs is a parallel preparation for those learners who wish to participate in the examinations for the certification of proficiency in Greek.

The exam for the National Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek is organized by the Centre of Greek Language (CGL), the Modern Greek Language Centre of the University of Athens and of the School of Modern Greek Language of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

More information about registration and exam dates can be found at:

Entry requirements

Necessary requirements for participating in the Greek language courses are as follows:

  1. Degree in secondary education equivalent to Greek Lyceum

  2. Citizens of countries outside the EU must have a visa or residence permit for the duration of the program they chose.


To enrol in a course fill the following REGISTRATION FORM